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The River Ziemēļsusēja (also the Mazā Susēja) is a tributary of the left bank of the Daugava. It starts as a ditch in Zasa parish north of the village Akmeņāres.

It flows along the Aknīste slope parallel to the Daugava. It runs into the distributary of the Daugava called the Saka below the village of Sala. The upstream of the river up to the marsh called “Saltaispurvs” and the lower steram starting with the tributary called the Vecaldaunīca are regulated as drainage works have been carried out.

The largest settlements on the river banks: Oshani and Sala. The river can be boated only in some of its sections, depending on the amount of the water and the fallen trees. The rest of it is good for boat hiking.